Strava Races for Podium Gift Cards!

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New in 2018, we'll be posting occasional Strava segments (running and riding) and rewarding the speediest accomplishments on each.  The first segments are up!  Want to win a prize from Podium?  In January, we're giving away a $50 gift card to the fastest male and female finishers on each segment.  Here's how it works...

  • First and foremost, participation is at your own risk!  Don't do anything dangerous or stupid.  The idea is to showcase some local runs and rides where you likely already train, and instigate a little friendly competition.  These are not actual races, they are not supported in any way, and they are not sanctioned.  You are the only person responsible for your safety!

Now that we've gotten that very important point out of the way...

  1. To be eligible for the contest, you need to join the Podium Sports Medicine Club on Strava.  This is free!
  2. Find the current local segments being contested.  This info will be listed on the Club page under the "Posts".
  3. Attempt your best time at the segment as many times as you like during the specified timeframe.  (The first competition lasts through the entire month of January.)
  4. Your best time will be recorded by Strava.  At the end of the timeframe, we'll notify the winners that their prize is ready.

It's easy!  In January, we have a trail run and a MTB segment.  Join the club and win some prizes.  We may even randomly assign some other prizes to club members, so you don't have to be the fastest person in town to win something!