2018 - NEW Concierge Programs at Podium

Our Concierge Care & Clinical Coaching programs continue to evolve in 2018.  These programs allow you to have an ongoing plan for evaluating and improving your health and performance throughout the year.  Depending on the level you choose, you have after-hours access to Dr. Sprouse to answer a quick question or sew up that laceration you got while mountain biking on a Saturday.  You also have schedule blood work, performance lab testing, nutrition consultation, and many more services.

In 2018, Dr. Sprouse will be partnering with SteadyMD to launch an online telemedicine service for athletes.  This will allow athletes across the country to work with Dr. Sprouse as they move toward a healthier and fitter version of themselves.  This service will constitute the first level of Concierge Care & Clinical Coaching offered at Podium, though it technically occurs entirely online through the SteadyMD platform.  To learn more about this service, you can read their website, this article from Running Magazine, or this post on the Stryd Blog.  Dr. Sprouse will be available as a provider on this platform very soon.  Stay tuned for more information.  You can also contact the Podium office and ask to be placed on the list of those notified when the service is available in early 2018.

Our Elite Package is now our "Sweet Spot" within the Concierge Care & Clinical Coaching offerings.  This affords you the same type of continual access as the SteadyMD option, but there are many more in-person components as well.  In fact, this program will guide you through a year of testing and consultation that will give you the information and tools you need to improve your health and performance.  From semi-annual blood tests to nutrition consultations to Performance Lab testing, the Elite Package will set you up for success!

And if you require a Professional-level package of services and access, we can customize a package to suit your needs.  Just ask!

To compare the available packages, take a look at the chart below.  If you are interested, please call for more information.  You can also set up a free consultation with Dr. Sprouse to discuss the options and see what would work best for you.

Concierge Program.jpg