Cycling Nutrition - Blackberry Farm Pro-Am Classic

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As we near the Pro-Am, Dr. Kevin Sprouse of Podium Sports Medicine shares his insights on cycling nutrition, sports medicine and why he enjoys being a part of the Blackberry Farm Pro-Am Classic.

What kind of nutrition do you recommend for cyclists when they are fueling for long distance/fast paced rides or tours?

Nutrition is very individual, but there are some over-arching themes which can be applied to events like the Blackberry Farm Pro-Am Classic. When athletes engage in any form of training or competition, their body draws on two substances for fuel. Easier efforts use fat as their primary source of energy. As the intensity ramps up, your body begins to draw more on glycogen stores (carbohydrates). For long, occasionally intense efforts like those at the Pro-Am Classic, you will use a combination of fat and carbohydrate. Even the leanest of us have many hours of fat stored, but you may only have 75-90 minutes’ worth of glycogen stores...