Lost In Transition Podcast

I joined Chris and Lana for the Lost in Transition Podcast last week to discuss a bunch of topics before heading off to the Tour de France.

Some topics covered include:

  • The benefits of a 1-2 week mid-season break
  • Post workout and post race recovery myths and facts
  • Maintaining ideal rider race weight during the Tour de France
  • Sleep hygiene during cycling grand tours
  • How cycling teams eat during the Tour
  • How he manages to eat and stay active while on assignment at cycling events
  • What a typical day looks like for the staff and cyclists
  • What information he has access to during the race
  • Daily monitoring for age group athletes
  • Tracking cumulative fatigue (both simple and advanced methods)
  • Using tracking devices for health data (and why FitBit can be helpful even for more advanced athletes)
  • New developments in glucose monitoring for non-diabetic athletes and possible links to performance