Training Resource from Podium

Variety is perhaps the most overlooked and underutilized component of training.  You've got to mix it up!  It can be hard to find new things to do, so we're starting a new resource for athletes.  Every week, we're going to post a "Workout of the Week".  This may be a strength routine, a set of cycling intervals, a track workout for runners, or anything else that seems interesting.  In fact, we're going to get a lot of help with this.  You'll see weekly posts from Podium staff, local athletes, outside coaches, and even Olympians and professional athletes.  The goal is to learn from each other and all get fitter.  If you've got a favorite workout, let us know!  We'll post it on our Training page.

For the Inaugural "Workout of the Week", Podium's Patrick Morris has put together a simple total body workout that requires little in terms of equipment or space.  Check it out HERE!