FREE Use of the Podium Recovery Suite!

This time of year, athletes are starting to increase their training load as they prepare for the spring and summer race season.  Whether you're a cyclist, runner, triathlete, CrossFit athlete, Spartan racer, or whatever, you are likely seeing an increase in your training...and soreness.  We understand!  As a gift to you, we're offering FREE use of our Recovery Suite during February and March!  Come use our NormaTec Boots, MarcPro Plus, foam rollers, myofascial release tools, and everything else for FREE.  Of course, we have a few rules...

  1. You do not need to be a current patient, but if you're not, you will have to fill out some paperwork.
  2. This is limited to 5 Free visits for any one person.
  3. If you use the MarcPro Plus (and you should!), you do have to purchase your individual, reusable electrode pads ($8).  This is a one-time purchase though.
  4. Equipment availability is first come, first served.  It will only be available during our opening hours. You may call ahead of time to schedule, or you are welcome to just stop by.
  5. Each session is limited to 30 minutes.