New Year, New Deductible

If you are like many of our patients, your health insurance comes with a rather sizable deductible.  Maybe even more so this year, and that deductible just reset for the new year.  Did you know that, although we are “out-of-network”, you can still submit your payment to be applied toward your deductible?  You’ll likely have to pay “out of pocket” even if you see your “in-network” doctor until you meet that deductible requirement.  It’s your money and your health!  You might as well make an appointment for highly individualized care, tailored to your active lifestyle, and provided by a dual-board-certified subspecialist physician who understands you.  After you’ve seen Dr. Sprouse, Podium Sports Medicine provides you with the forms needed to submit to your insurer, free of charge.  It’s a win-win!  Call today to set up your appointment.