Massage Therapy at Podium Sports Medicine

At Podium Sports Medicine, we recognize that both conditioning and healing are multifaceted.  There is a reason that elite and professional athletes get regular massage as a part of their training regimen.  (Did you know it's a daily occurrence at races like the Tour de France!?!)  With this realization in mind, we are grateful to be able to offer massage therapy now at Podium.

Renowned therapist, Kenneth Robinson, is now seeing patients at Podium Sports Medicine.  Kenneth is a Licensed Massage Therapist with 13 years of experience. Trained and certified by the Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage in Knoxville, with over 100 hours of coursework and training. He provides comprehensive massage services with an intuitive touch.  Kenneth has provided massage therapy at Blackberry Farm, local spas, and at sporting events such as Ironman.

Services:  Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Reiki, and others.

Call today to schedule your visit with Kenneth.  865-247-5941