Naked Foods Meals at Podium Sports Medicine

Naked Foods: healthy, pre-packaged meals!

We're thrilled to be a pickup location for Naked Foods, "pre-package meals that consist of lean proteins and complex carbs that are accompanied by a rainbow of vegetables."  Part of the reason we're so happy is that we get to eat these throughout the week too.  They're fantastic!  Naked Foods is a service which delivers pre-ordered meals for you to pick up and eat throughout the week.  In addition to the pre-ordered meals though, we have a few individual meals for retail sale each week.  If you want to try one, swing by and grab one for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!


From the Naked Foods website:

How does our Meal Service Work?:

Orders are received by 12am every Wednesday and then cooked the following Monday Morning and Delivered to your selected pickup location. Orders placed after 12am Wednesdays are processed the following week.

What Is Naked Foods ?:

The smart solution for busy people in need of quick, healthy meals. Here at Naked Foods, we pre-package meals that consist of lean proteins and complex carbs that are accompanied by a rainbow of vegetables. With these three components, we assemble continuous meal combinations that are innovative, clean and delicious. Rather than spending your valuable time and energy on prepping and planning meals, let Naked Foods do the work for you so that you can stay fueled and healthy while you go about your busy day.

Our Mission:
Naked Foods is a company that believes in fostering a healthy, balanced lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise. By eating our balanced meals and following a healthy lifestyle, we hope that our customers feel encouraged to adopt this balanced mindset into all areas of their life.

We offer outreach programs and educational cooking classes where customers can become informed on all the benefits your body receives when you feed it whole, clean, nutrient-dense foods. We hope that this information will not only empower our customers but ultimately the community as whole to make healthy choices in any situation.

We Set High Standards For Our Ingredients:
Naked Foods is committed to using the highest-quality, local and organic products in our meals. In an effort to support the local economy, we source all of our produce within the community to ensure fresh, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables. Additionally, all of our eggs are free range and you won’t find any hormones or antibiotics in the meats we use.

We produce real, non-processed meals that are simply prepared and ready for you to eat and enjoy.