Free Stuff and Discounts for the New Year!

ReBoot Lecture Series

In January, Podium Sports Medicine will be offering a free 3-part lecture series on the topics of Exercise, Diet, and General Health.  Whether your goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon in 2017 or just take this opportunity to address your health and wellbeing, this series will have useful information to help you achieve your goal.

In addition to the free lectures, attendees will receive discounted services after each evening.

Monday nights in late January.  6pm to 7pm at Podium Sports Medicine.


Jan 16: Exercise

Everyone knows that exercise is an invaluable component of reaching your competitive and health goals.  Whether you aim to finish a marathon this year, or you just want to finish each day with a little energy in the tank, an appropriate exercise regimen is crucial.  But what plan will work best for you?  Come learn about the benefits of aerobic training, strength training, and functional movement.  

Those who attend will receive $25 off a movement screen and personalized exercise program prescription.


Jan 23: Diet and Nutrition

Is there a topic in health and fitness which more confusing than diet and nutrition?  There are numerous diets and fueling strategies which are touted as the answer, but rarely is a specific diet appropriate for everyone.  Your nutrition should be purposeful, designed to support your activity level, and enjoyable.  Food should taste good and be satisfying!  You can eat well and enjoy it.  That is the only way that you will accomplish your goals and make these changes into permanent lifestyle choices.  We’ll discuss this and the individuality of proper diet on January 23rd.

Those who attend will receive $25 off a 1-hour consultation with Registered Dietician, Casey Coffee.


Jan 30: General Wellness and Health

Of course, there is more to your health and wellness than diet and exercise.  Taking a look into your physiology and your body’s current state of health can often require some medical testing.  We’ll discuss ways in which you can assess your health, primarily looking at the use of blood tests to tailor health advice to your individual needs.  Whether a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, an annual or bi-annual evaluation of certain blood tests can help you to optimize your health.

Those who attend will receive $25 off any Podium blood panel and $25 off an office visit for interpretation of that panel.