House Calls

As I’ve been transitioning my practice from one location to another, I’ve had the opportunity to meet patients where they are…literally.  During this progression, I’ve seen patients at their homes and offices, which has been very convenient for them and something I’ve enjoyed getting to do. Because of this, I will continue to offer this service going forward.  Every office day (Monday, Tuesday, and Friday) will have allotted appointment time that can be used for a House Call (or "Office Call", as the case may be).  So when you call to make your next appointment, ask if I can come out to your home or office to make the logistics easier on you.

If you’re interested, email or call 865-247-5941 to schedule.  Of course, not all services can be offered during a house call.  (We’ll not be testing your VO2max!)  But there’s much that can be done in your office or home.  Whether you need to have your knee pain evaluated before a weekend of racing, or you'd just like to review your lab results without traveling to our office, we can make it happen. Call us today!