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It can be hard to shop for that athlete in your life.  We get it!  Maybe you just need to drop a hint for what you'd like this year.  Or maybe you're shopping for yourself!  In any case, we can help.  Podium Sports Medicine offers GIFT CARDS which are good for any of our services, from the Performance Lab to the exam room.  This is the perfect time of year to consider addressing your health and planning for your performance in 2018.

Body Composition and Glycogen Testing (MuscleSound)

VO2max & Lactate Testing

Bike Fit or Gait Analysis

Expert Analysis of Blood Work

Nutrition Counseling

Movement Screening and Personal Training

Concierge Medical Plans

Thorne Research Supplements

My Off-Season Reset


You may have seen on Patrick’s “Physiology Geek Friday” blog last week that he had the pleasure of running me through a Functional Movement Screen recently.  I’ll give you a little background…

I felt like I had a pretty good 2017, with regard to fitness, training/competing, and general health.  But this peaked sometime in September, then life took over.  For the past couple months, I’ve been able to spend many fewer hours running, on the bike, in the pool, or in the gym.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  It’s a cyclical thing that will surely ebb and flow in the future as well.  

As I started to get back into the groove though, I realized that everything was not firing on all cylinders.  There was nothing specific, and certainly no injury.  On my runs, my ankles felt unstable.  I didn’t feel “solid”, and running felt harder.  Efficient running should be comfortable and have a feel of “gliding”…at least up to a certain effort.  This wasn’t present anymore.  On the bike I could feel more low back fatigue and more engagement of my upper body.  I realized that, in addition to aerobic deconditioning, my musculoskeletal fitness had slipped as well.

Athletes are hard-pressed to add aerobic load onto the foundation of a weak body.  It’s a very ineffective process.  Recognizing this, I went back to the drawing board.  I’ve been here before, and I know how to address the issue and ensure gains.  Oh…and this type of advice is what I offer up for a living.

I’m laying out this process as an example of how I think most athletes should address a portion of every year, most often in the off-season.  Here’s what I’m doing to ensure I bounce back, and it’s what I’d recommend most athletes do this time of year.

  1. Start with a formal, personalized assessment of your strength, stability, and mobility.  How well do you move?  We use the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), which is a well-known, validated test used around the world for this purpose.  There are certainly other ways to accomplish the same thing, but this is a gold standard.
  2. Have a personalized corrective plan created for you based on the results of your assessment.  Generic plans are moderately effective, but who wants to put in the time and effort, only to reap “moderately effective” results?  Have someone craft a plan for you that focuses on your needs and your goals.
  3. Take advantage of the cold winter days to spend time working out indoors.  This is the time of year to build the strength that you’ll use throughout your training and racing in 2018.
  4. Advance your workout. Don’t just do the same thing for the next three months.  Your program should be dynamic.  Just as the first workouts are starting to seem routine and much easier, step it up.

I started into my prescribed workouts last week.  Patrick has created two longer workouts for me (45-60 minute sessions each), which I do 2-3 times per week.  I’ll also add in 2-3 twenty minute “functional” sessions on other days, in addition to other activities.  Here are a few of my favorite (or most hated?) exercises from Week 1:

Try them out and see what you think!

I’ll post an occasional update to let you know how this progresses.  For those interested, we offer the FMS and corrective exercise prescription in our Performance Lab.  Additionally, Patrick is taking a limited number of personal training clients currently.  Workouts will be based on a formal assessment and an understanding of what you want to accomplish as an athlete.  As he told me today, “any trainer can make you really sore.  My goal is to work clients hard, but still leave them able to do their training on the bike or running.”  I’d say he’s hit that nail on the head with me.

WBIR / Fox 43 Mornings - Staying Fit and Healthy Through the Holiday Season

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Dr. Sprouse joined Abby Ham on the WBIR/Fox43 Morning Show to discuss how to stay fit and healthy during the holiday season.  This is a time of year when the constant indulgences and lack of exercise catch up to many of us!  Watch as they discuss some tips to help keep things healthy, while still enjoying the season.

Pre-Season Packages

The "off-season" is upon us, and the "pre-season" will be starting soon!  Of course, everyone has different names for these concepts, but if you are a runner, cyclist, triathlete, or fitness enthusiast, the post-holiday / New Year season generally marks the beginning of a new training plan and new goals.  With this in mind, Podium is offering a couple of discounted Pre-Season Packages.  We've put together one Sport Package and one Nutrition Package.  Both of these combine some basic services that would benefit any athlete or anyone hoping to feel and perform better!

These Pre-Season Packages will be available for a limited time!  Remember, we offer gift cards too.  These would make great gifts for that athlete in your life!

In addition to these, you can always review the list of recommended services (or Sports Packages) on our website.  These are not discounts.  Rather they serve as guidance for navigating our menu.

Sport Package


To prepare you for your 2018 performance and competitive goals, we've grouped the following services and offered a substantial discount!  Sign up for our Pre-Season Sport Package and gather the information you need to excel, for nearly 30% off the normal cost!

  • Consultation with Dr. Sprouse
  • Basic panel of blood work
  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Personalized corrective exercise prescription
  • Free personal training session
  • Lactate Threshold (either running or cycling)
  • MuscleSound glycogen testing
  • MuscleSound body composition

Offered as a package for $525

Nutrition Package


To prepare you for your 2018 health and performance goals, we've grouped the following services and offered a substantial discount!  Sign up for our Pre-Season Nutrition Package and gather the information you need to make significant improvements, for nearly 35% off the normal cost!

  • Consultation with Dr. Sprouse
  • Comprehensive panel of blood work
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring
  • In-depth analysis of your diet log
  • MuscleSound body composition

Offered as a package for $525

Podium Sponsorships - 2018

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If you are interested in requesting sponsorship funding for your group or event in 2018, Podium Sports Medicine will be accepting proposals from now until Nov. 30th. We are proud to sponsor so many fantastic teams and events locally and regionally. In order to do so, we budget specific funds for this and allocate them all at one time. We do not accept requests for sponsorship at other times throughout the year, so get your proposal to us now.

The proposal need not be formal. Whatever you want to present will be fine. However, the more information you submit and the greater benefit you are able to demonstrate, the more likely we are to be able to help you out.


Send your proposal to You will receive a reply by mid-December. Thanks!