Sports Medicine


Our care focuses on both the treatment of injury or illness, as well as prevention.  A healthy athlete is one who performs well.

Concierge Wellness


We have developed our Concierge Care & Clinical Coaching Program to help motivated patients optimize their health and performance.  These services are available to patients across the US and around the world via secure telemedicine services.

Athlete Performance


Podium Sports Medicine is proud to provide unique biomechanical and physiologic services through our state-of-the-art Performance Lab. 


"I find the guidance provided by Dr. Sprouse to be second to none. Having practical, sound medical advice available at all times has allowed me to learn more about how my body functions and what it requires to help it perform at its peak. Dr. Sprouse has kept me healthy, in one piece, and happy, all the way from the trenches of Uruguay, through the jungles of Malaysia, and all the way to the Tour de France." - Alex Howes, professional cyclist
 Alex howes

Alex howes


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